Forensic students perform exciting labs

Forensics is an elective science class that is available to juniors and seniors. Lately, Forensic students have been doing a series of labs to help them obtain a better grasp of criminology.

“In the movies it doesn’t seem like much work, but it is,” Nuria Fernandez (11) said. Also, Fernandez added, “It’s fun to work your way through all the steps to resolve the crime.”

Mrs. Cindy Jenkins’s forensic students have performed a variety of complex labs within the past month. They have investigated a set up crime scene, performed their own murder skits to the class and fingerprinted their fellow classmates. Now they are taking mud and ink prints of shoes.

“My favorite lab was the murder scene because it was a lot of fun acting like we were really investigating a crime,” Erin Mayfield (12) said.

The murder scene lab gave students a sense of what it is like to be a crime scene investigator. The stagecraft class helped set up a murder scene in the drama annex. After forensic students investigated the crime scene and documented the scene, the acting class performed the murder scene to the forensic classes.

Jenkins hopes that students leave this class with the knowledge that, “forensics isn’t magic.”