Students around the St. Louis area will take the ACT here at OHS on Feb. 11

According to the ACT website, the test includes 215 multiple-choice questions and takes approximately  three hours and 30 minutes to complete, with a short break. Actual testing time is two hours and 55 minutes (plus 30 minutes if you are taking the ACT Plus Writing).


Some students are optimistic about the upcoming test.

“I have taken the ACT before scoring pretty good for my first time, so I am hoping to do better the second time around,” Mallory Chapman (11) said.


Students at OHS are nervous for their first time. Caci Brewer (11) has been nervous since she found out.

“I get really nervous about taking any kind of test, and this one is pretty big, so I have been trying to just stay focused and be ready for it,” Brewer said.


Chapman said that it really helps to take it the first time without preparation to see what it is like, and then the second time around you know what to be prepared for.

Here are some tips to prepare for the test.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast.  Research shows that kids who have a good meal before taking a test often have a higher score because they are able to focus on what they are doing and not the hunger pains they might have.


  • Have a good night sleep.   Test takers should get between eight and nine hours of sleep the night before the test.  Sitting in a desk for a few hours can be tedious to play tricks on the mind, and make a person feel exhausted.


  • Be prepared the night before.  The student should have everything ready the night before.  The required materials such as extra number two pencils are a must.  A bottle of water is recommended for during the test (if allowed).  Make sure there is no hurrying to get to the test site.

Overall, the ACT is nothing more than a test, and if stayed calm and these tips are followed, the test taker can have a successful test taking experience.