Math class bounces in the halls


AJ Traub (11) bounces a tennis ball during Principles of Algebra 1 class on Dec. 12.

Principles of Algebra 1 applied what they learned about scatter plots on Dec. 12 by bouncing tennis balls. Ms. Karen Toretta had her class count the number of times that they could bounce and catch a ball per 10 seconds in two minute intervals, and by doing this the students could create a scatter plot.

For many high school students, math may seem like a class that will not be applied outside of the classroom. By doing this experiment the students can see that math is applied outside of the classroom.

“It helps the students see how scatter plots and graphs work,” Toretta said. “It allows the students to apply what they learn.”

Interactive learning is fun and helps students learn the topic, so by doing this ball bouncing activity students stay engaged while they learn.

“This activity helped me learn how scatter plots through time intervals work in the real world,” AJ Traub (11) said.