Top alternative albums of 2010

Top alternative albums of 2010

The Best of the Best: Here are the album covers of my 2010 top Alternative picks.

These are my picks for the top four albums of 2010 in minor/independent-label artists (alternative). A lot of CDs were considered for this decision, but keep in mind I am a 18 year old with little to no cash, so I was not able to buy every single CD that came out this year. So, if I left out your favorite album, it’s probably because I just haven’t heard it…. yet.


1.) Envy On The Coast – Lowcountry – March 30
The second, and last, full-length album for Envy On The Coast was released four months before they would announce thier break-up. The ground-breaking album exceeded all possible expectations from fans and critics alike. From the opening guitar licks of “Death March On Two, Ready?” to the ending vocals of the ballad bonus-track “Clergy,” the album produces song after song of pure gold. Perfecting their old sound, and expanding on many new influences (i.e. Southern rock), EOTC could not have produced a more powerful album to hang up their hats on.

2.) Four Year Strong – Enemy Of the World – March 9
Four Year Strong had a lot to live up to with their second full-ength album, from critics naming them as Set Your Goals wannabes to fans expecting them to stay true to their hardcore punk roots. FYS shut all the possible haters down completely with Enemy Of The World. The band could not have gone in a better direction. They completely set themselves apart by creating thier own identity, but still staying true to their roots. The guitar licks are heavier, the gang vocals are more powerful and the lyrics are more inspiring. Providing one of the most meaningful pop-punk/hardcore albums of the decade, FYS have done more than prove themselves with this anthemetic album.

3.) The Story So Far – While You Were Sleeping EP – May 18
The best five-song EP since Saosin’s Translating The Name, TSSF provide 100% true pop-punk with their debut studio EP. Having no members above the age of 20 at the release of the album, TSSF accomplished an unfathomable album for their age. Recalling the spark of New Found Glory’s self-titled album in 2000, all five songs are earth-shaking pop-punk jams that will leave you wanting more. The lyrics speak straight to your heart, just as the melodies and musicianship speak straight to your feet. This is the ultimate “roll the windows down, shout the lyrics at the top of your lungs” album. The only reason this is not higher is on the list is because it is only an EP.

4.) The Wonder Years – The Upsides – January 26
Perhaps the most lyrically entertaining pop-punk album of all time, The Upsides is a fantastic album for any punk fans looking for a little more lyrical substance to their catchy hooks. Singing about more than just girls, lead singer Soupy Campbell puts his realist views to catchy and expert musicianship. The album is all about forgetting your problems and finding the “upsides” of life, and the band does a fantastic job of achieving that goal. Overall a superb album from start to finish.

Runners Up

1.) Emarosa – Emarosa – June 29
A great choice for any soulful emo/post-hardcore fan. Jonny Craig at his best.

2.) The Flatliners – Calvacade – April 13
A true punk rock album form a very talented and experienced band. With tastes of hardcore and ska, The Flatliners truly shine on Calvacade.

3.) Transit – Keep This To Yourself – August 12
Boston pop-punk at its finest. Catchy and emotional; its a must have for fans of Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends.

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