Spend the money on Money Ball



Going, Going, Gone: Jason Giambi is one of the top players the Oakland A’s must replace in the new hit movie “Money Ball”.

With the World Series just round the corner, Money Ball is the perfect movie to get into  spirit.

This movie follows the journey of general manager, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) of the Oakland A’s. After losing three of his top players, Beane must make numerous trades and short handed financial decisions to get the new top players in the league. With being handicapped with low money, Beane takes the American past time and turns it into a strategy of statistical data.

When Beane’s colleagues find out of his new ways, they diminish him by saying that baseball cant be played with math, its pure intuition.

Beane must take this losing team and turn them into World Series stars. Over coming the criticism of others, and the fear of being fired,  Beane takes one of the biggest steps in his life with different offers that will make or break is career.

This movie was worth the $10.50 and two hour watch. If you are a baseball fan, go see it. If not, go see it and become a baseball fan.