5 things to do other than playing Flappy Bird

We all know that little yellow bird that flies through the two green tunnels, one on the top and one on the bottom. This one little bird seems to have a large impact over anyone who has an iPhone or an Android. Yes OHS, I’m talking about the app Flappy Bird. The game is addicting, but completely pointless and insignificant in any sort of way. Everyone is competing to beat their friend’s and enemy’s high score, and it has become a very stressful game for one little bird. Though I have the game as well, and with an impressive score of 74, I know there are a lot of better and more useful things I should be doing rather than stressing over a game that tends to make people throw their phones across the room. Here are five activities that you could do rather than play Flappy Bird:

 1. Studying for that Big Test You Have this Week

You and I both know that, while you are tapping rapidly on that device, you could be studying for a test that you have procrastinated for a week. You might convince yourself that it “helps you focus” or that you are “giving yourself a break” when you have not even started studying. Maybe instead of straining your eyes on the bright colors of Flappy Bird and get an F on the test, you should strain your eyes on the words of your study guide and get a better grade than someone who played Flappy Bird all night.

2. Going Outside and Build a Snowman

The winter is at its peak, which means there should be a lot of snow on the ground. Instead of staying cooped up in a blanket and watching that little bird jump up and down, you should go outside and play in the white fluffiness that coats the ground. You could build a snowman, have a snowball fight with your siblings and friends, or just kick snow all while bundles up. You will feel better than staying inside, knowing that you will never beat the high score of one of your enemies.

3. Play a Video Game that Actually Has a Point to It

There are so many great video games that have been critically acclaimed over the past few years. Flappy Bird, which literally has no story nor point, is not one of those video games. Good video games can have a really emotional or hilarious storyline, can have great graphics, and can actually make you feel like you learned something after playing it. Those video games usually do not have a high score to it, unless it is a First-Person Shooter and can actually make you less stressful and addictive than a bird who can’t fly unless you tap it.

4. Clean Your Room

Most of us have very messy rooms that we are just too lazy to clean, or we wait to clean them until our parents threaten us. Instead of letting your dirty clothes and plates pile up in your room while playing Flappy Bird in that mess-of-a-place, why don’t you clean it up and impress your mom? At least you are doing something productive and worth your while. Maybe after you clean your room, you can even do the dishes and wash the laundry. If you help your parents out with cleaning, you will feel a lot better than sitting down on your messy bed and play Flappy Bird.

5. Check Out All of the Articles on myOHSonline.com

If you have nothing to do, you should go through all of the old and new articles featured on this very website! There is a lot of information and entertainment while browsing this website, and it is definitely more effective than playing a game made for children. Reading is better than playing a mindless game, especially if you can gain information about our school. Who knows? Maybe you will find your name in one of the stories!