Top mainstream albums of 2010

These are my picks for the top four albums of 2010 in major-label artists (mainstream).  A lot of CDs were considered for this decision, but keep in mind I am a 18 year old with little to no cash, so I was not able to buy every single CD that came out this year. So, if I left out your favorite album, it’s probably because I just haven’t heard it…. yet.


1.) Eminem – Recovery – June 18
Eminem’s most powerful album came at the most crucial time in his career. Just as critics were about to say “R.I.P.” to Marshall Mathers, he came out with Recovery, a hip-hop masterpiece. This is an album that will go down in history and will be talked about for many years to come. After Relapse was released in 2009, people were starting to doubt that Eminem would ever create anything that would rival his previous successes. No one really knew what direction Mathers would take after the strangest album in his career.  However, he surprised critics and fans alike by creating an album even better than any previous successful album. From start to finish it is due to be one of the most influential hip-hop albums of all time.

2.) Dirty Heads – Any Port In A Storm (Special Edition) – April 27
There are far too many bands out there trying to be the next Sublime (i.e. Pepper), but the Dirty Heads are a true inspiration to any remaining Sublime fans. Anyone expecting just another Sublime carbon copy will be blown away when they hear Any Port In A Storm. Showing that Dirty Heads can do more than just reggae, DH made an album full of of various genres and influences. A combination of reggae, hip-hop and acoustic rock showcases the band’s true musical talent. Complete wih punk rock-style lyrics, DH make a beautiful summer chill album full of unbelievably catchy tunes.

3.) John Butler Trio – April Uprising – March 26
One of the most talented bands of the 21st Century, John Butler Trio, released their fourth full-length studio album on March 26. Hailing from Australia, JBT is the best kept secret for any acoustic or groove rock fan. Singer/guitarist John Butler described the album in his own terms as “if a hillbilly and a skater had a child, this is what he would listen to.” Having touches of bluegrass, blues, acoustic and roots rock, any true music fan should love this album. Full of catchy and brilliant tracks, the only reason the album is not higher on the list is because JBT have still not reached their full potential. When they do, be ready for a following that would rival that of the Dave Matthews Band.

4.) Story Of The Year – The Constant – February 16
Although this is not technically a mainstream album, it did receive decent airplay from rock radio stations, and I feel that it deserves mainstream attention. Their fourth studio album shows SOTY truly mastering their sound. With true heart and soul thrown into their pure hard rock sound, the album captures what all of the band’s hard work has gone into in the past ten years.

Runners Up

1.) Joe Bonamassa – Black Rock – March 23
One of the best blues musicians of the past decade, Joe Bonamassa, is a true talent. Black Rock perfectly showcases his unique style of blues.

2.) B.O.B. – The Adventures Of Bobby Ray – April 27
As a rookie to the hip-hop world, B.O.B. produced three solid hits with this debut album. With a style overly compared to Kanye West, look for him to make a name of his own with the success of this album and future releases.

3.) Bone Thugs N Harmony – Uni5: The Worlds Enemy – May 4
Their first album with all five of their original lineup since Flesh N Bone’s incarceration, Bone Thugs created a deep and emotional album. If only the rap veterans got the credit they deserve…

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