Hunger Games spoof will have you starving for more

Spoof movies have become a huge trend, with their entire purpose is to make fun of multiple movies, celebrities, and pop culture in general. Made popular by the Scary Movie franchise and movies like Vampires Suck, these outlandish comedies have taken it a step further with The Starving Games, a movies that spoofs the franchise that is currently on fire, The Hunger Games.

The Starving Games tells the story of Kantmiss Evershot (Maiara Walsh) and her journey through the Games. She must go with geeky District 12 citizen Peter Malarkey (Cody Allen Christian) while leaving behind jealous just-a-friend Dale (Brant Daugherty) and younger sister Petunia (Kennedy Hermansen.) Other notorious characters include the vicious, competitive Marco (Ross Wyngaarden), authoritarian leader President Snowballs (Diedrich Bader), and the Head Gamemaker Seleca (Dean West) who conforms to whatever the president tells him to save himself.

Paired with the slogan ‘All the laughs, half the calories,’ this movie provided just that. Walsh portrayed Kantmiss stoic and tough just like Katniss, but with a sarcastic bite, and paired with Christian’s awkward, goofy portrayal of good guy Peter and Daugherty’s hilarious portrayal of envious Dale concocted the perfect trifecta of spoof spunk. Along with poking fun at The Hunger Games, this movie parodies other movies like Avatar and The Avengers, musicians like Taylor Swift, LMFAO, and PSY, even popular cell phone games like Angry Birds.

This movie got poor reviews with critics like Rotten Tomatoes, where based on eight reviews, The Starving Games gotten an average rating of 0.3/10, but I have to disagree. As earlier stated, the actors did great portraying their characters, and I was laughing throughout the movie. I even watched the movie a second time and it still had me laughing. Maybe it was because spoof movies in general do not always get great reviews. Everyone calls them ‘stupid’ and ‘weird,’ but that is the point. Spoof movies are created to make fun of pop culture. The Starving Games was a great example of this, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.