Online Shuffle – Nick Serati

Online Shuffle – Nick Serati

Real Talk: Student Shuffler Dallas Terry (12) asks Nick Serati (10) a tough question for the student shuffle. Serati is the first student to be interviewed for the online shuffle. “I’m proud to be the first,” Serati joked.

The Student Shuffle is a way for to showcase the unique students at OHS. We selected a random student to be asked a series of interesting questions by reporter Dallas Terry.

Nick Serati

Q: So, I’ve noticed you have a lot of friends. Why do so many people like you?
A: Not as many people like me as you think. A lot of private school people don’t like me for some reason. People who know me like me.

Q: Why is that?
A: I tend to say whatever is on my mind. The funny thing behind that is that I have weird things on my mind. I’m pretty sure it’s not a good thing…

Q: What are some hobbies?
A: Well, I like to mess with people on Facebook. Me and my friends make weird little videos on webcams and post it on walls and stuff. The best posts are the ones people don’t know how to react to.

Q: What are you passionate about?
A: Music. I play guitar. I’ve been playing since 6th grade.

Q: What music do you listen to, and what inspires you?
A: I like to listen to a lot of pop/punk stuff. A Day To Remember, Blink, Green Day. But I don’t really have one main influence. I’m influenced by a lot of things. I tend to play however I’m feeling.

Q: What else are you passionate about?
A: Skateboarding, I really…..

Q: Stop. We can’t talk about this again, pick something else.
A: Um. My friends mean a lot to me. I’m with my friends all the time. We’re like a family…. a family that does a lot of stupid stuff that we probably shouldn’t do.

Q: Tell me more about them
A: We’re all just a bunch of laid back people. We all think alike, we all do a lotta stupid stuff, and we all eat a lot of fast food.

Q: Fast food fiends huh?
A: Yeah. We’ll probably all die before we’re 20 because of Taco Bell. That’s stuff’s not even real meat. It’s just like 35 percent meat…. like just processed… crap.

Q: When you say “stupid stuff,” what are you referencing?
A: Want an example?

Q: Absoultely!
A: Ok so once a skateboarded down a hill on a cooler with wheels and I hit my head on a sewer and got a concussion.

Q: Have you always been doing things like that?
A: Yeah, it all started when I was a kid and I tried to jump down the stairs thinking I could fly. I got halfway down and hit my head and flipped over a bunch of times.

Q: What do you think about… um… hot tubs?
A: Hot tubs are… well, if God had a bath, it would be a hot tub.

Q: You realize that they do have hot tubs that are baths right? Jacuzzis?
A: Really? I’m gonna put one in my room now. Like I’m not even going to have a bed… just one of those.

Q: I’m a normal kid just like you because…..?
A: I shave my head and wear high Nike socks with sandals.