Ways to give back on Earth Day

Ways to give back on Earth Day

Tree Hugger: Emily Maag embraces a tree in honor of National Earth Day. While going around and hugging trees won’t help stop global warming, you can do things everyday to pitch in to help save our Earth.

This Friday, April 22, is Earth Day. Although it could arguably be one of the most important secular holidays of the year, people some how tend to forget about it. This year, there is no school on Earth Day, giving students the perfect opportunity to give back. Helping Mother Nature may seem like a daunting task, but there are a few simple things that OHS students and staff can do make this a productive Earth Day.

1. PLANT A TREE – This may seem like the simplest task, but a dangerous amount of trees have been chopped down in recent years. By planting a tree, or any other plant for that matter, the amount of carbon in the air can be reduced and help eliminate the effects of the greenhouse effect.

2. RECYCLE – Recycling is one of the easiest, most important ways to preserve the world. On Earth Day, as well as every other day, take time to separate your waste. There are different bins all around the school and each home was issued a recycling bin for paper, glass and plastic. Recycling is as easy as throwing away trash normally.

3. PICK UP TRASH – Walking around outside, trash blowing in the wind or sitting in a massive pile on the side of the road is a common sight. Take a moment to pick up the trash you see laying around rather than simply walking on past it.

4. SWITCH TO REUSABLE ITEMS – If you are planning on grocery shopping this weekend, canvas bags are a fantastic alternative to paper or plastic. Most grocery stores will also accept old plastic bags in recycling bins at their stores. Rather than grabbing your tenth new water bottle of the week, use a washable plastic sports bottle instead. Take a moment to consider investing in a porcelain portable coffee mug to use when stopping by Starbucks rather than taking a cardboard cup every trip.

5. CUT DOWN ON GAS/OIL USE – Although Oakville is not the most walker-friendly community, try to consider not driving all over this weekend. Perhaps consider carpooling or simply walking to your friend’s house rather than using gas to take a five minute trip. However, if you do choose to walk or ride your bike somewhere, remember to be mindful of drivers and utilize sidewalks and crosswalks. And if a car is needed, think about car pooling. Instead of two or three cars you can have two or three friends in YOUR car!

Good luck!

*Note that all activities can be done any time and any where on other days besides Earth Day*