What is in store for students this year?

What is in store for students this year?

Mrs. Czuppon, Mrs. Evans, and Mrs. Neeley have a discussion at the school store during freshman orientation.

This year OHS students will have something new to check out when they return to class— a school store that is located in the commons.

At one time there was a school store a few years ago and it was located in part of the cafeteria. After a while, it lost its steam and eventually just closed down with the upkeep being more than the profit it was bringing.

“I mean most high schools have a school store and I’ve been here for 11 years and we have never had a school store in my time here,” said Becky Czuppon, the OHS athletic director who will be one of the staff members running the store.

The creation of the new school store was funded by the extra money left over by the Class of 2011. The store was built inside the cafeteria, but will open up into the commons. The store will sell things such as school supplies and snacks for students to purchase.

Czuppon also said that eventually they would like to link the store to the business department and the students taking certain business classes.