The battle of Jar Wars begins

The battle of Jar Wars begins

The sound of clinging and clanging is ringing in the air around OHS with the annual Jar Wars starting up in Our House.

This event, sponsored by National Honor Society, NHS, started Monday, Jan 14. For this school wide event, students are to bring in coins to their ANP and drop them in their designated jar. Pennies and dollar bills count towards the total earning of each ANP, while competitors can sabotage each ANP’s total by putting silver coins (nickels, dimes, quarters) in another ANP’s jar. The winning ANP depends on the dollar amount in their jar, silver coins counted as negative change.

“We have some details to work out,” NHS sponsor Mrs. Dianne Menzel said, “but Jar Wars will go until February 4.”

There are high hopes for Jar Wars to be a success this year. Every year, the money raised from the NHS event goes to a particular project of the school or a certain organization. This year, all the money will go towards the construction of the deck in OHS’s Quad.

“I am excited to see how this year’s Jar War works out,” MHS Treasurer Sam Ziegelmeier (12) said. “It has been a rough start so far, but I think the students can get us back on our feet and make this year a success.”

Jar Wars will go till Feb. 4.