Class of ‘13 plays cards right at Prom

Class of ‘13 plays cards right at Prom

Prom King Timmy Buehne (12) dances with prom date and fellow classmates on the dance floor.

OHS students attended their “Night in Vegas” prom this weekend on May 11 at the America’s Center downtown.

The night was filled with food, dancing, fun, and even a photobooth. As usual, students had an amazing night. For two people, however, the night was even more special.

Timmy Buehne (12) and Ne’kole Harvey (12) were crowned prom King and Queen by last year’s winners Steve Ream and Kelsey Schlundt. Harvey, who was rushed from a track meet, got there just in time to be crowned.

“I was scared,” said Harvey, but “it was exciting to hear everyone scream my name.”

Excited but surprised, Timmy also accepted happily.

“It was radical,” said Buehne. “I wasn’t expecting it, but it was definitely well appreciated. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.”

Buehne and Harvey danced briefly together for their “first dance.” Other members of the prom court joined in shortly after, forming a circle and congratulating the winners.

The night continued on from then with the typical music and fun-filled experience. Mikey Bellinger (12), who attended the 2012 prom and was also a member of the 2013 prom court, recalled that “this year’s was even better.”

“It was a magical night,” said Bellinger.