Snow days won’t affect seniors

The six snow days that the Mehville School District has had so far this year have got kids talking around the halls of OHS. Rumors are spreading, but the superintendent of the school district helped to clear up a few things.

According to Mr. Terry Noble, to figure out where the snow days will be made up, just go to the last day of school on the current calendar and add the total of snow days.

“The current calender indicates that ALL snow days will be made up at the end of the year, but anything would be possible pending a vote of the Board of Education,” Noble said.

Because of this, Noble is suggesting that families use caution when planning trips soon after Memorial Day because OHS may be in school for make-up days.

As for seniors, the amount of snow days will not affect them in any way.

“Nothing is being planned to alter the schedule for seniors,” Noble said.