Victory goes to Caton

Victory goes to Caton

Since Caton and her class won, they got to choose what they wanted Mrs. Wood to do. They choose to dress her up as a peanut and make her dance.

After six years of competing with Mrs. Michelle Wood, Ms. Sue Caton has finally claimed victory in the can food drive.

On Nov. 21, Caton’s third block gathered in her room for their final contribution to the drive. They started the ANP with around 700 cans. However when the drive was over, the group of students ended up with a total of 1536 cans, crushing the past record of 451 cans.

“It was fantastic, knowing how many people we fed from the drive,” Caton said.

However to get all of those cans, the students had to come together. According to one of the students Hope Bernstein (12), there were different phases such as operation ‘Raid Your Pantry’ and operation ‘Rob Your Parents’. The class also had a Facebook message traveling around talking about what other classes were doing and what they had to do still. The class knew Wood was going to be watching the class closely, so they had to keep the check a secret. With mere minutes left on the clock, the $150 check was put out on the table, giving 300 more cans to their class.

“The class did a lot to feed the people, so that makes me happy,” Wood said.