OHS students get flopped

OHS students get flopped

Students can donate flip flops to benefit the Gateway 180 Homeless Shelter.

Now through Mar. 21, OHS students are being asked to bring in new or slightly used Flip Flops to their ANP (Academic Networking Period).

Bringing in sandals will help benefit the Gateway 180 Homeless Shelter downtown.  Gateway 180 is a homeless shelter that does not separate families.  Instead of sending the fathers to one shelter and mother and children to another, they are all allowed to stay together as a family.

This shelter offers them a place to stay, food, and showers.  But with a limited supply, the shelter is in need of shower shoes.

Two OHS students, Gabbe Barwick (12) and Caitlin Kennedy (12), had the idea to give the shelter a hand.

“My dad works part-time at the shelter, and he came home one day and told me that they were in need,” Barwick said.  “so I brought the idea to Kellerman and Czuppon, and we went from there.”

Knowing that she could not do it alone, Barwick teamed up with Kennedy to make this drive happen.

“Over the past four years, we have learned a lot about giving back to the community,” Kennedy said.  “So with it being our senior year, we wanted to give back one last time.”

OHS students have until Mar. 21, to bring in new or slightly used flip-flops to you ANP.  The students in the winning ANP will all receive a five dollar gift card to a restaurant of their choice.