Community elects Felton, Trakas for Board of Education

Community elects Felton, Trakas for Board of Education

At the December Board of Education meeting, Board President Venki Palamand honors AJ Klocke (12) from OHS and William Schryver (12) from Mehlville for being an Outstanding Advanced Placement Scholar. Palamand was denied a third term in this past Board of Education election.

School board elections were on April 2, with Larry Felton, Venki Palamand and Lori Trakas canvassing for two positions. The results premiered on April 3, with Larry Felton and Lori Trakas winning the two school board positions.

The candidates were running for three-year positions on the board. At the end of the day on April 2, Felton had received 5,843 votes, Trakas had received 5,213 votes, and Palamand had received 4,979 votes. Both Palamand and Felton have been members of the school board and were running for re-election, while Trakas was a first-time runner.

Palamand, Board of Education President, has served on the board for six years, his first position being on the 2007 school board. He is also an alum of Oakville High School. Felton has also served on the board for six years, and this last term he served as Board of Education Secretary. He has five children who all graduated from Mehlville High School. Trakas grew up in the district and attended Blades Elementary school, Oakville Middle school and Oakville High school.

Palamand will finish out his term which goes until the end of this school year. The board will re-elect a new school board president after Trakas and Felton take up their positions.