Students help TASK so TASK can help others

Students help TASK so TASK can help others

Haley Cusumano helps clean up pieces of a maze in the gym of TASK.

Last Thursday (May 2), OHS students headed to TASK to help out for their service learning project.

TASK stands for Team Activities for Special Kids and they help kids as young as five years of age to young adults that are over the age of 18. TASK needs volunteer’s due to the fact that they have three people that are on the payroll. The payroll includes the founder and coordinator, the secretary, and activities manager, so TASK could not function without the help of others from the outside.

“The fact that they only have three people working in that big building really made me feel like I was really helping someone,” said junior Justin Dettmann.

Students did not get the opportunity to work with the kids that participate at TASK since they attend school or have jobs, but students still were able to help. Students moved many things in the office area, from tables and chairs to filing cabinets, and many things in the gym, from tables and buffets to sports equipment. Students also organized over 1,000 T-Shirts that TASK had accumulated over the years.

“It was fun moving things around and I left feeling like really did something good,” Dettmann said.