Students sit down for senior prank

Students sit down for senior prank

Joe Bell (12) wears his Iron Man costume during the hall while other seniors sit down for their senior year prank.

On Friday, May 17, the senior class of 2013 performed their senior prank, and instead of releasing mice into the school like the previous graduating class, this year seniors chose a much simpler task.

During the passing period after fifth block, seniors flocked to the main hallway on the second floor where the science and English classrooms reside. After standing and obstructing hall traffic for a few minutes, one student counted to three and all the seniors sat on the floor, basically making any commuting impossible. One senior, Joe Bell, even took it upon himself to wear an Iron Man costume.

Principal Jan Kellerman soon arrived on the scene to clear the obstruction, followed by guidance counselors and teachers. However, plenty of students still missed the bell for sixth block.

“I think it was the best among all [senior pranks] because so many people participated, even underclassmen participated,” Derek Brown (12), who was in the hall at the time of the prank, said. “It was fantastic.”