Students compete geography style for final prep

Students compete geography style for final prep

Brett Kardell (12) assumes a ready position as he prepares to slap his desk to answer a question during the AP Human Geography game.

Since the end of their last unit test, Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography students have been participating in a class bracket to prepare for the AP test and their finals.

 The bracket idea first came about during March Madness, when most kids in the class were bracketing their favorite basketball teams. The class decided to make a playful bracket for the class – geography style. The class instructor, Mr. Dan Richter, decided to postpone the bracket until May to save it as a study tool for finals.

“[There’s] nothing like a little friendly competition to get you motivated,” Richter said.

Students circled up multiple classes in a row to form a challenge ring. The class would sit in a circle of desks around two desks in the middle of the room which held the competitors. The questions were summative of the entire unit and helped students prepare for the AP test on May 17 as well as their cumulative packet. Whichever student slapped his or her desk first got to answer the question, and correct answers were worth a point while incorrect answers were worth negative points. While the two students competed, the rest of the class followed along by filling out a complimentary packet.

Josh Ehrhart (12) took the first place spot in fifth block, Natalie Fiesta (12) in first block, and Heather Mueller (12) in seventh block, but all students benefitted from a unique and helpful way to study for impending exams.

“I won the bracket,” Fiesta said. “I felt that the interaction between the class and the game was better than just doing the packet by myself because I had the teacher to help explain it if I needed it.”