Newton’s got game

Todd Newton visits OHS Broadcast class


Todd Newton talks to a team consisted of Molly Kohler (11) and Mykenzee Munaco (11), explaining that they need to try to get an Oreo from their forehead to their face.

OHS’ has had its fair share of famous alumni here, but the one that is probably the most popular is game show host Mr. Todd Newton, who visited the Broadcast classes on Wednesday, March 4.

Todd Newton is a Daytime Emmy Award winning game show host who currently hosts Family Game Night and speaks for the NOW 96.3 radio every morning. What most people do not realize is that he got his start as a student at OHS.

Newton worked at a nightclub mc-ing when he was 17, knowing at that time that he wanted to get into the radio business. From there, he interned at radio shows, worked at Channel 11, and made it big by reporting for E! News and MTV.

“He was really funny,” Jake Lipina (12) said. “It was really cool to see that he started as an mc in a nightclub.”

Visiting OHS, he gave students helpful tips to make it in the entertainment work, saying that you have to have the motivation and work as many internships as you can. Newton was also asked to shoot a game show right in the journalism room, and he gladly accepted.

“I thought it was super rad,” Ela Dolic (12), a participant in the game show, said. “He was really nice and had a big personality.”

Students will be able to see Newton and the game show on the March 27 broadcast.