Senior conferences: reliable, redundant or rudimentary?

Senior year, regardless of schedule, is abundant with stress concerning the future. However, senior conferences are held during September and October so students may get on track and become more successful at formulating applications.

Senior conferences sound like an excellent idea, at least they did for me, but they do not exactly deliver what is expected. Rather than providing the students with one on one time with a counselor they are given a spiel about why college is important.

The conferences feel like déjà vu especially when glimpses of junior year’s on-track powerpoint/presentation begin to rekindle within the mind.

Senior conferences would be much more effective if they were held with a smaller ratio of students to counselor. Do students need to know how to compile a resume for college? Yes. Do students need to know how to apply for financial aid? Yes. Do senior conferences provide this information? Yes. Do senior conferences allow students to discuss with counselors about where to go, what is in their best interest or what to do? No.

I am not bashing the counselors and their ability to help students. The counselors are all very credible sources in regards to information about colleges and programs; however, in order to get the opportunity to speak with them a separate appointment has to be made. Senior conferences do have some important information; however, be aware that it would be a good idea to schedule a separate appointment to speak with the counselors to get a better grasp on potential options.