Bullying spreads to the internet

The average person would not consider what they post on Facebook or Twitter to be bullying. It is your own page, so you can post whatever you want to, right? Wrong. If you are posting something that could be taken as harassment, threats, hate crimes, extortion, or an exposition of a person’s privacy, it is considered to be cyber-bullying, and it is illegal.

Cyber-bullying comes in many different forms that most people do not even realize it exists. It exists within any use of technology. That includes social networking sites, e-mail, texting, instant messaging, and any other forms of technology.

When I scroll down my Newsfeed on Facebook, it is very likely that at some point, I scroll across one of these forms of cyber-bullying. People do not think about what they post. They do not realize how it could impact another person’s life. A simple post can harm someone.

If the harm to someone’s life is not a good enough reason for you to change your mind about a harmful post, then think about how it could affect your life. As I said, cyber-bullying is illegal. So think, is what you are about to post worth the risk of being arrested? Being mean and cruel to hurt other people is not worth ruining their life and yours.

Cyber-bullying is not something to be taken lightly. It is wrong on so many levels, and should never be done. Especially when people already know that it is wrong. There is always a simple solution to end cyber-bullying: Just don’t do it. If no one ever posts anything that could be harmful to other people, then no issues would occur.