Senior pranking gone forever?


Caption: Senior create lock chain on locker clean out day.

The OHS juniors and seniors had locker clean out yesterday, and the seniors made their first attempt at a senior prank. Sadly their attempt was sub-par.

Seniors hooked their locks together into a chain and locked it on a locker instead of turning their locks in as told. Although this was funny, the lock chain was easily fixed with a master key.

It has become hard for a good senior prank to be executed because the punishment for pranks has gotten so high. Teachers always seem to find out about the prank before it happens, and they use strict punishments to enforce the rules and show their disappointment.

“I think seniors should have fun,” Sal Munaco (12) said. “I hope our class goes out with a bang.”

Most pranks are intended to be harmless. Last year, seniors planned a week of harmless, but hilarious pranks. Staff members found out, and the students were threatened. It is sad seeing the day where there is no more senior pranking quickly approaching.

A senior prank would do OHS well. The prank would lighten the mood of school during finals. As long as no one is hurt and no one gets in trouble, a senior prank would be fantastic.