OHS welcomes new fishing group


Photo courtesy of fishing group

Fishing group member Elmedin Besic (11) poses with his catch.

This past February, woodworking teacher Mr. Matthew Schraut created a new fishing group for OHS students.

The idea started to gain momentum at the end of first semester after Schraut and some students heard about the FISH STL Cup, a group that hosts fishing tournaments for schools, homegroups, or other organizations in the St. Louis community.

“I looked into getting a fishing group together because I enjoy fishing,” Schraut said, “and I know there are students at OHS that enjoy fishing as well.”

During the tournaments, high schools go head to head to catch a species of fish such as trout or bass. Whichever school catches the most of the requested fish wins that match.

After Schraut had heard about the tournaments, he asked social studies teacher Mr. Dan Richter and counselor Mr. Steve King to help with the fishing activity.

“I am an avid outdoorsman and I love the opportunity to work with kids to share the need for time spent outside and preserving natural spaces,” Richter said.

As of now the fishing group has 18 members currently participating in the activities, including their top member, Elmedin Besic (11).

“Well I’ve been fishing ever since I was a kid and I was already looking into tournament trails for fishing, so it just fit for me,” said Besic.

Besic caught the first fish for the team during the tournament at Boathouse Lake in Carondelet Park on March 18. Two OHS teams placed fifth and sixth, respectively, in the tournament.

The next tournament will be held at the South lake in Willmore Park on April 29.