Freshman Orientation: Incoming students learn about “Our House”

Freshman Orientation: Incoming students learn about “Our House”

Welcome Freshmen: Tiger Mentors meet with freshman as they arrive at the school.

OHS Freshmen Orientation was August 11 from 7:30-11 am, and the procedure was a little different this time.

Every year, Freshmen are assigned a specific day during the summer to come up to school and receive their school schedules, meal passes, locker combinations, and any other necessities for the start of the school year. In the past, getting the freshmen their necessities for the school year was the only focus. This year, new head principal Mrs.Jan Kellermen assigned each Tiger Mentor a group of freshmen to show the school to, and explain what OHS is all about.

“I wanted the freshmen to see that having fun at school is possible,” Kellermen said. “And Tiger Mentors showed them that.”

Incoming students were able to ask their older peers questions about the school, and were able to make friends with students of all ages. The Tiger Mentors played games with their groups, and got the kids pumped for the school year. Kimmi Smith (9) had a blast at orientation.

“I’ve heard great things about OHS, and orientation made me even more excited for the first day,” Smith said. She was not the only student having a great time; Jake Meier (9) joked about entering high school saying, “I can’t fit in a locker, so I’m good!”

There were club signup sheets in the commons, to show the Freshmen that OHS isn’t JUST about a great education. Athletic Director Becky Czuppon was in charge of all the activities at orientation, and she was very satisfied with the outcome.

“I’m happy,” Czuppon said. “Orientation was much better this year than last year, and the past four years, for that matter.”