Oakville senior awarded ROTC scholarship for $180,000

Oakville senior awarded ROTC scholarship for $180,000

*Bottom Row: Zach Chinea, Nick Chinea, Charmaine Chinea. Back Row: Jan Kellermann, Austin Leicht, Sgt. Kaeding, Cpt. Klingensmith. Nick Chinea being awarded the ROTC sholarship in OHS library on Dec. 14.

Nick Chinea (12) has been awarded a Navy Reserve Officer’s Training Program (ROTC) scholarship for $180,000. He was awarded in a ceremony at Oakville High School on Dec. 14.

The scholarship is only presented to 20 seniors throughout the midwest, and will be put towards any four-year university of his choice while running alongside the Navy ROTC. Chinea will be able to cover tuition, book fees, and necessary sustinence with the scholarship.

“It covers all tuition, books, food, and gives me a monthly allowance,” Chinea said. “It doesn’t cover housing, but the allownace can be put towards that.”

Aside from attending school and focusing on studies, Chinea will need to attend drills, physical training, and classes regarding Naval Science.

“I’m really excited about it,” Chinea said. “It’s great to know that all of my schoolwork has paid off.”

Chinea plans to attend Mizzou and will maintain the position as second lietuenant in the Marines upon graduating.