Zink Promoted: From OHS teacher to District Director

Zink Promoted: From OHS teacher to District Director
For 12 years, Ms. Amanda Zink taught English Language Arts at OHS. For eight years she served as English Department Chair. This school year, however, Zink will not be returning to teach another class or lead OHS National Honor Society (NHS). Instead, she will be working with central office as district Director of Secondary Curriculum.
The Mehlville board of education confirmed Zink’s promotion on June 21 in a closed session. Zink did not aspire to her new job, but it was an opening she could not pass up.

“The new job as Director was not a planned move – I didn’t find out about the opening until the end of the school year,” Zink said. “I have, however, been interested in curriculum for awhile, especially with the big changes coming to education…I think this is an exciting and challenging time for educators.”

To move though, meant to leave behind her past as a teacher and become a major part of the district. “I was very sad to leave OHS because I love teaching and know I will really miss working with students every day,” Zink said, “but I am excited about the chance to work with the talented staff across the district on curriculum.”

In Zink’s absence, OHS administration has had to appoint teachers within the building to take over the duties left behind by Zink and the classes she used to teach.

Ms. DyAnn Menzel, another English teacher at OHS, has stepped up to the plate and will lead NHS as head sponsor for the 2012-2013 school year; last year she was a co-sponsor with Zink. She is currently working through applications to fill the NHS co-chair position. Menzel will also act as an English Department co-chair with Mr. Matt Thomas.

Mrs. Danielle Walton, who taught Advanced Placement (AP) Literature and Composition last year, will return this year to teach AP Language and Composition in Zink’s place.

Despite the loss of an experienced teacher, OHS’s English Department has made changes to succeed in the upcoming school year.