Sewing III helps out Pro-Start class

Sewing III helps out Pro-Start class

Blaire Morrison (12) works on a sewing project in Sewing III class.

Mrs. Betsy O’Toole’s 1st block Sewing III students have been assigned a project to promote their sewing department.

Each student finds a faculty member in need of something for their classroom or office that the sewing students could make for them. Though there are only four students, teachers around the school have overwhelmed the class with possible projects.

“I was astounded by the amount of responses I received,” said O’Toole.

Students so far have chosen projects such as embroidering chef’s coats for the new Pro- Start II class and creating kleenex box covers for the counselors.

“It’s easy for me, but it takes a while,” said Jordan Sutter (12), who is  stitching 25 Pro- Start chef coats. “I have to be exact with my measurements.”

Though time- consuming, the students talked positively of the project. According to Blaire Morrison (12), it’s a good way to apply what they learned in Sewing I and II.

These projects will be due at the end of the first term, and additional projects will carry over to the second term. However, for the Sewing III students these projects and their application of different sewing techniques will count towards their final.

“I want them to learn to not be intimidated by these things, “ said O’Toole, “and experience the business aspect of communicating with others to find a project.”