The school newspaper of Oakville High School


The school newspaper of Oakville High School


The school newspaper of Oakville High School


Brianna Nitz and Isaac Freitag pose with the Student Council executives during a ceremony held at the last meeting. I became a teacher not just to teach Spanish, but to create a space where students feel welcome, supported, creative, and ultimately to have fun while learning, she said. Nitz was a Student Council advisor, but she also spearheaded the creation of Games Club.

Nitz’s Next Chapter

Lucy Caira, Reporter May 29, 2024

Walking through the foreign language hallways of Oakville, students are greeted with earnest enthusiasm from every doorway. A vital member of this community is nine-year Spanish I and II teacher Brianna...

Sawyer Bess gets ready to interview with his creative director Jacob King. Its important because it taught more than Oakville’s budget could teach Sawyer. Good experience with high quality equipment. More experience with other editing softwares, Christina Manolis, Journalism teacher, said. Bess has committed to going to Mizzou for their journalism program.

Hands on Media

Kristian Nelsen, J1 Reporter May 24, 2024

  Many OHS journalism members intend to continue a journalist career path, but one student in particular is gaining hands-on experience already in his senior year of high school.  Sawyer Bess...

Lalia Cejvan stands in Dubai before she leaves for America in 2022. “ We made the decision to move her so we can be closer to family that we don’t usually talk to,” Cejvan (12) said.  She has made many new friends since she came to America and is graduating this year.

Fresh Start

Paige Hughes, J1 Reporter May 24, 2024

Some people were born in America and stay in America, some were born in a different country and stay there. For Laila Cejvan (12) she has gotten the experience of both from moving to America from Dubai. “My...

Halima Abid (12), plays a Gimkit in her government class. “In school, I love playing Gimkit,” Halima said, “My favorite game is the jumping one called Don’t Look Down.” Halima said that if she could play any game in school, she would choose Gimkit.

Afghanistan to America

Chloe Ruth, J1 Reporter May 17, 2024

In August of 2021, Halima Abid and her family of 15 others bravely fled Panjshir in the midst of war when the Taliban invaded Afghanistan.  Translating for Hamila, Masi Abid, also an Oakville High...

Drew Geisler (11) working on an electric work switch earlier this year at South Tech. “If it were scaled up it could turn on an AC unit,” said Geisler. This was Geisler’s first year at South Tech and he hopes to learn more in future to help him find his future career.

Building his future

Avry Kluempers, J1 Reporter May 17, 2024

One day in class Drew Geisler (11) watched a presentation that would lead to his most enjoyable learning experience. The presentation was about South Tech, a school that provides students with real-world...

Chloe Ruth smiles in front of the Eiffel Tower, as she holds her silver medal over her shoulder. “I loved this photo because it showed the medal we won as well as the team USA jacket,” Ruth said. “Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower reminded me that Worlds was kind of like the Olympics of baton twirling.” Ruth was beyond grateful to have made it so far in her twirling career so young, she cannot wait to win another medal in the upcoming future.

Top Twirler

Allyson Christopher, J1 Reporter May 17, 2024

As Chloe Ruth was sitting in her Kindergarten class, she saw something amazing that would change her life. “One of my friends would twirl in Kindergarten and would bring in her pom poms and her baton...

Thomas Westbrook (12), Stella Kolb (9) and Matt Kennedy (11) pretend to sword fight. “[The hardest part was] probably getting into the headspace,” Kolb said, “because Im a 15-year-old girl and Im supposed to be an 18-year-old male. I had to have a deeper voice and [different] mannerisms and on top of remembering the lines….” Kolb looked forward to the banquet and to future productions.

Theater Teachings

Maddy Geisler, Design Editor-In-Chief May 14, 2024

Theater students put on their spring production of "The Outsiders," working with a fight coordinator to accomplish a number of stunts.  “We wanted to go all in for the stage combat in this show,”...

Water Polo Prodigy

Wyatt Cary, Reporter April 18, 2024

Trent Batten, a senior on the water polo team, has been playing at the varsity level all four years. He has progressively gotten better every year.  Batten started his first season of water polo and...

Deep Roots

Deep Roots

Tristan Howard, Reporter April 12, 2024

Pauline Cella came out of college and moved to Saint Louis for a banking job. But, on a whim, her career went a different direction. “I got married, and my husband was like, ‘Oh, we should buy this...

A preview of teaching at OHS

A preview of teaching at OHS

Maria Parisi, Emma Neuhoff, Reporter April 5, 2024

Despite being in her first-year, World History and American Government teacher Olivia Novak is very familiar with the students and staff at OHS. Being a past graduate in 2019 and long-term substitute teacher...

Dimas Diaper Drive

Dima’s Diaper Drive

Maddy Geisler, Design Editor-In-Chief April 3, 2024

While all of the students in the CAPS program complete a project to help educate the community, one in particular made sure to get the school involved with their endeavor. Dima Majood (12) ran a diaper...

Jeff Kuchno works with Sawyer Bess (12) to line produce next broadcast.

Familiar Face

Madeline McClusky, Reporter March 28, 2024

You may have noticed a new - yet familiar - face in room 234. Jeff Kuchno is currently the long-term substitute teacher for Ms. Manolis while she’s on maternity leave, but he’s no stranger to Oakville....

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