The school newspaper of Oakville High School


The school newspaper of Oakville High School


The school newspaper of Oakville High School


Three tri-athletes demonstrate their athletic abilities in their respective games.

Tri-athletes at OHS give their take

Ava Chancellor, Editor-in-Chief April 24, 2023

There are 34 OHS students who are classified as tri-athletes this year. This small handful of students play a sport every season, and many of them pair their athletic endeavors with extra training and,...

Darby ODonnell poses for a photo at her desk. “Y’all are great. I really like being here every day, ODonnell said. She attends Webster University and graduates this semester.

Introducing Darby O’Donnell

Deirdre Davis, Reporter April 11, 2023

Oakville has introduced a variety of new staff, but OHS also hosts student teachers, like Darby O’Donnell, who are learning at our school.  “In kindergarten, I said that I wanted to teach…”...

The Dates Behind Women’s History Month

Maddy Geisler, Reporter April 1, 2023

As women’s history month comes to a close for 2023, there are a number of impactful events to remember that brought America’s inclusivity to where it is today.

Brooke and Taylor Rahdens traveled to St. Kitts Island during their spring break cruise.

Spring Break Around the World

Grace Foley, Reporter March 31, 2023

Spring break 2023 has brought a lot of anticipation and excitement to students. Spanning from March 20-24, the week included friends, family and travel for many of Oakville’s students. Many students...

Vulgar History: An introduction to womens history

Vulgar History: An introduction to women’s history

Ava Chancellor, Editor-in-Chief March 17, 2023

As Women’s History Month progresses, a lot of women (and men) may want to learn more about women’s history told by women. For those who find themselves to be too busy or too preoccupied to read books...

Art in Bloom

Art in Bloom

Bella Moss, Design Editor March 10, 2023

Most residents in the STL area have visited the Saint Louis Art Museum, but not everyone knows about the annual event called Art in Bloom. Every year, a number of local florists are selected to participate...

Emily Leungs (12) flyer hangs in the hallway leading to the commons. There are posters all around, Leung said. She encourages the student body to interact with the CAPS students different passion project flyers.

An Effort to Change Perspectives

Maddy Geisler, Reporter February 23, 2023

The CAPS students at OHS have each taken the initiative for a passion project of their choosing, and Emily Leung (12) chose to focus hers on the topic of mental health. “Every CAPS student has a different...

Cats and Coffee

Cats and Coffee

Bella Moss, Design Editor February 22, 2023

Several small locally owned shops and restaurants have been popping up in St. Louis since the decline in COVID. Among these businesses, a new type of establishment has emerged: Cat Cafes. For those unfamiliar,...

New Club At OHS

Katie Schroeder, Reporter February 6, 2023

Earlier this year, OHS history teachers Kara Beck and AJ Shinabargar created the Youth and Government Club for students interested in the process of state government and how it works.  “It had been...

A chessboard stands ready to be played in the OHS library, which is where the Chess Club meets Fridays after school. “We’re open to all levels of chess players: if you’ve never played, we’ll teach you and make you feel welcomed,” Jared Hasty (12) said.

Make Some Rookus 

Ava Chancellor, Editor-in-Chief January 25, 2023

“I started playing when I was probably 5 or 6 years old,” Jared Hasty (12) said. “My dad introduced me, and I’ve been playing chess for all my life.” Hasty started the Chess Club at the beginning...

Voice of the Future

Voice of the Future

Tammy Du, JI Reporter January 11, 2023

Many students in choir audition for a chance to sing in the All-Suburban Choir, but junior Ava Chancellor has gotten the rare opportunity to join the Artists in Training program at the St. Louis Opera...

Rome Brown (10) takes a photo of her bichir, Carnivorous. “If I don’t feed him often, it will eat my other fish,” Brown said. The bichir species is over 400 million years old.

Curiosity With Creatures

Ava Ruger, JI Reporter December 28, 2022

Many people enjoy spending time with their animals, or enjoy the fascination of expanding their home with them. Showing off their pets is another thing people tend to do for fun, or training them to do...

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