The school newspaper of Oakville High School


The school newspaper of Oakville High School


The school newspaper of Oakville High School


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Photos by: Madeline McClusky and Tristan Howard

Spring Around the Lou

Tristan Howard and Madeline McClusky March 17, 2024

As Spring break arises, are you looking for a getaway? Something to do instead of being inside all day? You’re in luck because St. Louis offers a variety of options for a stay-cation this Spring break.  The...

AMI Days: Heres Why

AMI Days: Here’s Why

Sawyer Bess, Reporter January 25, 2024

There is something truly special about snow days. Everything about that day off of school was perfect as a kid: waking up to a bright room lit up by the white snow, taking five minutes to bundle up in...

AMI Days? More like A-M-Why Days

AMI Days? More like A-M-Why Days

Tristan Howard, Reporter January 18, 2024

Like many people here in the district, I have been enjoying the occasional snow day in the more frigid months, but in recent years, that has seemed to change. Where have snow days gone? And what have they...

Photo illustration of a student stressed out while completing schoolwork.

Too Difficult to Drop

Ava Chancellor, Editor-in-Chief December 16, 2023

The process of dropping an AP class at OHS has been proven to be unfruitful for many students, which leads to serious stress, anxiety and a decrease in academic confidence in many cases. In my opinion,...

Is the Hype Around Christmas Music Overblown?

Is the Hype Around Christmas Music Overblown?

Tristan Howard, Reporter December 10, 2023

You know when it's that time of year and suddenly everywhere you go there's Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” or something more classic from the likes of Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin...

Lucy Caira, Sydney Baker and Josie Barnett go shopping with new COVID conditions on Black Friday in Nov. 2020.

Longing for the Lockdown

Lucy Caira, Reporter October 19, 2023

The bell rings. You swiftly advance down the hall towards your school bus, laughing with your friends and riding the high of spring break anticipation. The date is March 13, 2020, the last day in which...

My mom and I on my first day of 8th grade.

Grieving and Growing up

Grace Foley, Reporter March 6, 2023

According to Judishouse, 1 in 11 children will experience the loss of a parent or sibling by the time they are 18. Grief will eventually ripple its way through all of our lives, but it is especially hard...

Aman Lueker (12) gets pied by Belma Mujakic (12) for the journalism fundraiser. 
“[Fundraisers should] make sure each one of them has a fun method,” Lueker said. Lueker was voted to be pied in the face on the OHS journalism Instagram account Tigerjournalism.

Crammed Campaigns

Maddy Geisler, Design Editor-In-Chief January 23, 2023

Schools are no strangers to hosting fundraisers, but OHS students weigh in on just how much is being asked of them. “The multitude of fundraisers in December is good because each one of them has a...

Post-break finals cause stress

Post-break finals cause stress

Ava Chancellor, Editor-in-Chief December 19, 2022

As the second year of post-break finals approaches, OHS students and teachers are having to overcome the challenges that come with testing after winter break. “Curriculum wise, what happens is I’m...

Massasoit was the great Indian chief who interacted with the pilgrims from the first original colony. He lived from 1581 to 1661.

The Darker Side of Thanksgiving

Grace Foley, Reporter December 9, 2022

Thanksgiving is a beloved American holiday that has brought people together for decades. However, the family, food and football oriented holiday has darker origins than we were ever taught in school. Discussions...

Are You the Issue?

Summer Goforth, Reporter November 30, 2022

Sometimes the problem really is you. If you have trouble interacting with family, friends seem to be distancing themselves or time after time you keep thinking, “What is wrong with everyone?” then...

Tower Grove Pride

Tower Grove Pride

Bella Moss, Design Editor October 3, 2022

A week ago, I attended the Tower Grove Pride festival. Located in downtown St. Louis between Arsenal Street and Grand Boulevard, the event took place Sept. 24-25. There was a massive turn out and stretched...

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