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The school newspaper of Oakville High School


The school newspaper of Oakville High School


Spinoff Shines

Spinoff Shines

Wyatt Cary, Reporter May 21, 2024

The Big Bang Theory's spinoff “Young Sheldon” has been releasing the last season episode by episode every Thursday since February 15, 2024. For some context, Sheldon Cooper is a young boy who lives...

Photo Credits to Amazon Prime Video

Did Fallout Fall In?: Fallout TV Show Review

Tristan Howard, Reporter May 17, 2024

After watching it through two times, I’m in love. To my surprise, the Fallout tv show blew away any and all of my expectations. The show created a sense of naiveness and suspense that filled the plot...

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Dune: Part 2 blasts viewers with all elements of fantastic film

Ava Chancellor, Editor-in-Chief March 26, 2024

Although Dune: Part 2 did not achieve perfection in my eyes; it was disconcerting and chaotic at times, it  created a luxuriously dense plot for viewers that fulfilled all of my visual, musical, and storyline...

A collage of the places visited by the story. 

Photos by: Madeline McClusky and Tristan Howard

Spring Around the Lou

Tristan Howard and Madeline McClusky March 17, 2024

As Spring break arises, are you looking for a getaway? Something to do instead of being inside all day? You’re in luck because St. Louis offers a variety of options for a stay-cation this Spring break.  The...

Image from the STL Virtual Reality website.

STL Virtual Reality: Worth it or not?

Wyatt Cary, Reporter February 5, 2024

STL Virtual Reality, located on Telegraph, is worth the money and time for anyone interested in a virtual reality gaming experience. The cost of going for 30 minutes for one person is $20, and on the weekend...

All photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Flickr

Wrap It Up

Emma Neuhoff, Reporter January 24, 2024

Time flies, and it’s impossible to remember every important thing that happened in the last year. 2023 was full of highs and lows, from Congressional battles and a former president’s indictments to...

The new edition of Mean Girls came to theaters early in the new year January 12.

Interesting Update to Cult Classic

Maddy Geisler, Design Editor-In-Chief January 21, 2024

The beloved 2004 movie “Mean Girls” caused a complete cultural reset in its era, and now a new generation gets the pleasure of seeing the plastics in theaters. Stars like Reneé Rapp, Angourie Rice...

Wonka was released in theaters on Dec. 15, 2023.

‘Wonka’ Is Good, Scratch That – Great

Emma Neuhoff, Reporter December 21, 2023

!CONTAINS SPOILERS! When I walked into the theater to see “Wonka,” my expectations were low. I thought the posters were ugly, and the trailer wasn’t captivating. But within 10 minutes of the film,...

Many people around Christmas time watch Christmas movies to get into the holiday spirit.

Classic Christmas Roundup

Wyatt Cary, Reporter December 19, 2023

Being a student in the times of phones and social media, I find happiness in simple Christmas movies and getting away from all the chaos. Some of my favorite holiday movies are “Home Alone,” “The...

Comparing Cups

Comparing Cups

Maria Parisi, Reporter December 17, 2023

Owala: Free Sip Water Bottle $24.99-$37.99 Sizes 19oz, 24oz, 32oz, 40oz Pros: Advertised as “FreeSip spout, fancy triple-layer insulation, and dazzling color options” Sip or swig...

A live capture from real gameplay.

Battle Royale Rewind

Wyatt Cary, Reporter November 30, 2023

On Nov. 3, Epic Games decided to let the world replay OG Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite is currently ongoing multiple updates during November, letting players relive or newly experience what was available...

Gifts for Students Who...

Gifts for Students Who…

Ava Chancellor, Editor-in-Chief November 28, 2023

Link key: Mini projector A24 sticker packs Cinephile: the card game for film lovers A24 screenplay books Mini popcorn maker Link key: Owala water bottle Massage gun ...

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