Crammed Campaigns

OHS provides students with an overwhelming amount of fundraisers to donate to


Alyssa Johnston

Aman Lueker (12) gets pied by Belma Mujakic (12) for the journalism fundraiser. “[Fundraisers should] make sure each one of them has a fun method,” Lueker said. Lueker was voted to be pied in the face on the OHS journalism Instagram account Tigerjournalism.

Schools are no strangers to hosting fundraisers, but OHS students weigh in on just how much is being asked of them.

“The multitude of fundraisers in December is good because each one of them has a good purpose that benefits the community,” Aman Lueker (12) said. “But having them in one consecutive week and asking students to put money into clubs they don’t even know about was way too much.”

Lueker isn’t the only student who sees the amount of fundraisers to be too intense for high schooler’s budgets.
“Having so many just in December alone is probably a bit too many…for one month at least,” Nataniel Evenson (11) said.

Despite the multitude of fundraisers, students still feel the need to donate to them.

“The money goes towards something that helps,” Evenson said.

Other students also feel that donating money to charity is a gratifying choice.

“Fundraisers are fun, we (the student body) like giving money to fun people, but we don’t have enough money to give to every fundraiser,” Lueker said.

Regardless, the constant asking of student money is something that many feel needs work.

“I think if we had fundraisers throughout the year…that would work better,” Lueker said. “…Having it all in one week, it’s way too much on each student.”

In addition to all of it being crammed into one week, there also seems to be a problem with the distribution of information being provided.

“In general, I don’t think we really hear about them that much,” Evenson said.

Evanson wasn’t the only individual who felt that way about the advertisement of school events.

“It’d be nice to have a chance for the students to know exactly where the money is going,” Lueker said.
Though there are evident faults throughout the fundraiser environment, students still want to provide their assistance to others.

“I wanna do more fundraisers, but I think we should do fundraisers every other month…,” Lueker said, “and then make sure it truly is benefitting [the community] instead of something just for fun or to get out of class.”

Many of the fundraisers’ intentions are good, and that isn’t lost on Lueker.

“Like journalism, it benefited the community and Chad’s Coalition, and the Ronald McDonald one that STL CAPS students did? Phenomenal,” Lueker said. “Both are wonderful things that happened and that benefitted not only the students but the charities as well.”