OHS Staff Super Bowl Picks

Evan Lachnit, Sports Editor

January 31, 2014

Mr. Gerdes  Den. 27  Sea. 17  MVP Manning (Den) Ms. Caton  Sea. 35  Den. 27  MVP Willson (Sea.) Mr. Aboussie  Den. 27  Sea. 17   MVP D. Thomas (Den.) Mr. Willett  Sea. 24  Den. 21  MVP Lynch (Sea.) Mr. Lieberoff  Den. 27  Sea. 24  MVP Manning (Den.) Mr. Farmer  Den. 28...

Two’s a company, three’s a crowd

Adam Schafer, Reporter

December 12, 2013

High school hockey has been known for being an aggressive sport, much to the fans’ delight. The atmosphere of the fan club is far more rowdy when fights break out in games. Personally, I think that the fights aren’t all that bad, but the officials need to figure out how they are going to determine...

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