Checkin’ Out Spotify Wrapped

The 2023 Spotify Wraps have been out and there are plenty of Spotify users with new stats to feel conflicted about.

“I’m always listening to music,” Robyn Bridges (9) said.

On her Spotify Wrapped, Taylor Kohring (12) got Harry Styles as their top artist. “I was a little scared,” Kohring said. She was nervous about her results but since she is such a big Styles fan, these results were expected. (Photo Courtesy of Taylor Kohring)

Listening to music can be the middle ground among a diverse high school. Whether it is Spotify or not, music is school-wide. Spotify Wrapped gives you the opportunity to see a summary of the music you’ve listened to in the last year, but many people disagree with their results.

“My top song is so bad,” Ava Ross (9) said. “It was not accurate at all.”

The public consensus is that people’s top songs or top artists are from way too long ago and that they don’t believe it was really what they listened to most. Some people’s favorite songs or artists did not even appear on the Wrapped. For some students, though, their scores make sense.

“I only really listen to podcasts,” Chloe Housewright (11) said.

Housewright reached 8,000 minutes, which compared to others isn’t that high when it comes to a year of Spotify usage.

“I got 81,000 minutes…I expected more, actually,” Bridges said.

Bridges listened to more music than 97 percent of the country, which is fairly impressive, and some other students were excited to have their minute amount in the six-digits.

“I was anticipating [Spotify Wrapped] because I wanted to know how addicted I am to Spotify,” Bridges said.