“Little Women” gets an easy “A”

“Little Women” gets an easy A

Little Women, written by Marisha Chamberlain, was performed by the OHS Drama Club on March 30-April 1 in the Drama Center.

As the play began, I quickly found myself intrigued with the characters lives.  The five March sisters–Jo, Meg, Hannah, Beth, and Amy–truly demonstrate the importance of family, even when times get rough.

I was fascinated with the interesting outfits and scenery that were visually appealing and made it easy to detect the poverty the family was weighed down with.  But the character who made the biggest impression on my view of the play was Katie Kohler (9), who was cast as Amy March. What made this actress so exceptional was not just her dialect but the extra effort she put into making her character real.

Amy’s adolescence was felt in each word Kohler uttered and the naivety that she portrayed through her character was clearly detected.The way she displayed her character captured the innocence and bratty behavior of the youngest March sister and there couldn’t have been a better actress cast for the part.

Overall the Drama department did an outstanding job putting on a show that was both interesting and heartwarming.