2011 Prom Review: the aftermath of fire and ice

2011 Prom Review: the aftermath of fire and ice

Senior Fun: Prom dates Blake Harper (12) and Minja Lukic (12) pose for pictures during the dance.

As I walked into the America’s Center door to reveal our prom set up I was surprised and a little disappointed at once. The decorations were nicely set up. I felt that we probably could of gone a little crazier on the decorations to really make them pop.

“I thought they were sick how half was fire and half was ice. They incorporated that into everything down to the color of the napkins,” Anthony Gallo (12) said.

The food was very good. It started off with salad then chicken, mash potatoes, and peas as our main dish. For desert their was a choice of gooey butter cake and chocolate fudge. Yummy!

The music was okay, but it seemed like the DJ played all “girly” songs, plus all the DJ wanted us to do was clap our hands.

“I liked the dance but I felt like we should of got a different DJ,” Dalton Ackerson (12) said.

Lacey Dreppard and Eric Lehr were announced as prom king and queen.

“I thought it was cool how Lacey and Eric won. Even though I was on the court, I wanted them to win,” Gallo said.

Overall I thought the dance was good, but not magical. I had a great time with my friends, the food was great and i will always remember my senior prom night.