Meyer gets her shot

Meyer gets her shot

Student as teacher: Meyer answers the questions of OHS parents at the Diabetic Corner meeting held in the cafeteria on Oct. 21.

Hardworking, driven and inspiring are only a few words to describe Amy Meyer.

But something you may not know about Meyer is she has had Type One Diabetes for eleven years. This, 2010 OHS graduate is currently attending Truman State University. She loves college and is already leaving marks in science.

This past summer, Meyer won second place in the “Medical” category of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, in which she presented “A Study of Type I and Type II Diabetes Using Insulin Gene Micro Satellites” and she is still shocked. Meyer visited OHS on October twenty first where she gave her presentation to the Diabetic Corner crowd.

Meyer did not always want to study science and looked into architecture at one point.

“Actually, in fifth grade I remember saying I never ever wanted to do science,” Meyer said. She loves what she is doing now and has many goals that are closer in her reach because of her win.

“I want to continue this research on diabetes and get my M.D./PhD,” Meyer said.

Meyer now has a job working in Children’s hospital’s labs. So far she has been looking at urinary track infections in the microbiology lab.

“It sounds gross but it is interesting. We grow the infections and then assist the lab tech,” Meyer said.

Dr. Christine Mehigh assisted Meyer in completing her research. She started at the end of junior year and continued through senior year. Diabetes is a hard disease to live with but with today’s research, it provides thousands of people with hope of one day finding a cure.

“Diabetes teaches us to be responsible at a young age,” Meyer said.