OHS reaches out to Congo

OHS reaches out to Congo

OHS students bought shirts after watching the Invisible Children documentary on Mar 30

Most children are afraid of monsters under their beds, but a young African boy named Tony has much more to fear. Tony is one of millions of Ugandans at risk of becoming a child soldier. Millions of people living in Uganda re terrified of the terrorist group, the Lord’s Resistance Army, that abducts children from their homes and forces them to serve in their army.

Although many people are unaware of this tragedy, there are activists making efforts to help stop child soldiers. The Invisible Children organization has been hosting the “Congo Tour,” traveling across the United States, speaking to high schools and colleges about child soldiers.

On March 30, the tour came to OHS. Students got to watch a documentary of children living in northern Africa and the work of the Invisible Children. There was also a speaker, a woman from Uganda named Hariate, who told her story of what it is like to grow up in these dangerous situations. Students were able to interact with Hariate, ask her questions, and learn more about life in a war zone.

“I had no idea something as sad as this was going on,” Alyssa Buettner (11) said after attending the Congo Tour. “Not only does it make me want to help them, but I also want to spread the word so others will help, too.”

Thanks to OHS student Ronnie Barge (12) who brought the Congo Tour to OHS students are now more informed about the crisis going on in Uganda and Congo. After learning about the child soldiers, Barge was inspired to get his school involved.

“I like the idea that I’m changing lives in both Africa and U.S.” Barge explains. “If I can get people involved, then I am making a difference. I’ll continue my journey, helping and advocating for the Invisible Children and I hope others will too.”