Senior leaves an impression

Chelsea Self (12) is a talented artist whose work has been chosen to be showcased.

Self had five pieces of her work from AP Studio Art showcased in three shows last weekend in the St. Louis Artists’ Guild show, which showcases the work of high school students. Last year, Self had four pieces of work from her photo class displayed.

“I’m the only student that’s never had a drawing class,” Self said.

Even though Self has never had a drawing class, she is becoming very successful. One of Self’s many interests is designing logos and advertisements. Self has designed a logo for Mehlville School District, Google, the program for the Baccalaureate service, and designed the shirts for Barron Gymnastics. Self has also been asked to design a logo for Speech and Debate and to illustrate pictures for a book. Self does not know if her art has been chosen for Mehlville School District or Google yet.

For the book, Self would have to illustrate ten pictures and she is guaranteed to have at least one printed with her name in the book. Self finds this a great opportunity to get her name out there.