Oakville student raises money for a good cause

Ethan Shockley (12) is helping create clean water sources for people in third world countries through H2O4K (Water for Kenya).

H2O4K is a charity organization partnered with the 410 Bridge. H2O4K raises money to create clean water sources in Kenya. “I wanted to help people in Kenya have easy access to what we have every day,” Shockley said.

Shockley is holding fundraisers in the St. Louis area to raise money for H2O4K. At Bigstuf Camp 2011 he heard about H2O4K and he immediately wanted to help. “It made me see how easy we have it,” Shockley stated.

Shockely held a water bottle sale outside of St. Louis Pizza and Wings on Aug. 12.

The next fundraiser is at Chik-Fil-A in Arnold, on Oct. 25.  Half of the proceeds will go towards H2O4K.

For more information on H2O4K visit www.410bridge.org/help-kenya/water-for-kenya.