Prom comes to OHS

Prom is the highlight of many students’ high school careers, and with it comes the extravagant dresses and gowns that often symbolizes the event.

The schedule of prom night will begin with a reception at 5:30 pm prior to the opening of doors at 6 pm. This will be followed by a dinner, the coronation of prom King & Queen, and then finally the dance itself. The dance will be on Saturday, May 5 at the America’s Center in downtown St. Louis.

As with any school function, a dress code is inevitably implied. Although dances are often more lenient than everyday classroom dress codes, it is important to keep the dress code in mind while shopping for your dream dress. Imagine the frustration you would feel if you purchased a great dress, and then you were refused admission into the dance.

Here at OHS, the prom is considered a formal dance, with boys wearing a suit or tux and girls wearing “special” dresses. Tennis shoes are not permitted, unless they come with a boy’s suit or tux, and neither are jeans.

Students that are dressed in casual fashion will be asked to leave, and girls whose dresses are too revealing will have to wait for someone to bring them a cover up.