Seniors sing their farewell

On May 7, the OHS choir program had their senior farewell concert at Canaan Baptist Church.   After a year of preparation through contests and their trip to Orlando, Fl., the choir went out with a bang.

“I thought the concert went really well,” said choir director Paula Martin. “Although, we’re graduating a good group of seniors, I think we will be just fine next year.”

Concert Choir Mix did a showcase of the songs that were used for their honor 1 ratings during their trip to Orlando.  The songs included “Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal”, “Lux Aeterna”, and “Magnificent Horse”.  These three songs had been practiced much over the course of the year.

“I think this was the best time our songs were performed,” said Kasey Smith (12).  “It felt really good to get up on the stage and sing for the parents and friends one more time.”

Overall the concert was a huge success, and the fans enjoyed it.   The choir program will be hard at work next year and years to come.