Students take advantage of AP testing

The past two weeks have been filled with AP testing galore. Aside from earning recognition as an AP Scholar senior year of high school, the benefits of taking AP tests are earning college credit and garnering how much course material mastered through the year. A few senior students took it upon themselves to take advantage of these testing opportunities by taking as many tests as possible.

Melina Delkic (12) took five AP tests this year: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, German Language and Culture, Music Theory and Language and Composition. “ I took so many because it’s a nice culmination to all of the work you’ve done that year and checks if you can tie all of the lessons together into one big picture,” Delkic said. “Also, it’s immensely helpful for college.”

Due to credit earned by performing well on AP tests, Delkic has been placed in advanced economics and language courses at Georgetown University in the fall and earned many credit hours. “I get to place into advanced foreign language classes right from the start and get 10 credits per language towards my major, ultimately meaning that I can earn 3 bachelors degrees in only three years, which at Georgetown saves $60,000 (a year’s tuition),” Delkic said.

Delkic is not the only student taking advantage of AP testing, though. David Gerding (12) and Jonathan Kopel (12) both took six exams each.

“I felt like I could gauge how well I actually knew a subject based on how I felt about the test,” Gerding said. All of the credit earned from tests “means I walk in as basically a sophomore,” Gerding said.

Although only a few examples of student’s taking advantage of AP opportunity at OHS, these students represent AP test takers, the benefits of taking exams, and pros of advanced curriculum at OHS.