New Year, New Experiences

Junior tries out new program at South Tech


Photo Courtesy of Madi Tatham

Junior Madi Tatham poses for a photo on vacation after getting her hair done by a fellow friend she met at South Tech. “We do each other’s hair to apply the material we just learned,” Tatham said. Tatham’s favorite part of Tech is trying new techniques and meeting new friends.

Junior Madi Tatham took interest in cosmetology, then decided to take a leap of faith and try out the program herself at South Technical High School in Watson, Missouri. 

“A couple of my friends were already in the program and told me that it was fun,” Tatham said. “They also thought it was something I would be into.”

Tatham also found other positives through the program as well, like meeting new people and learning new skills. 

“Tech is not only developing my cosmetology skills, but is preparing me for the real world,” Tatham said. “For example, being able to focus and do my best work because I am working with someone else’s hair.” 

Tatham also took interest in possibly getting her cosmetology license after finishing the program and possibly moving on to a salon somewhere. 

“While Tech makes it efficient to get my cosmetology license, you still have to take a test and perform certain styles that we have learned to gain the license,” Tatham said. “I am certain I can do it. I just want to make sure I am the most prepared.”

While being one of the smallest programs, it still has difficult areas that Tatham is trying to work through. 

“Something that has been very difficult about this program is that it is nerve-racking when doing someone else’s hair because you really don’t want to mess up and make them upset,” Tatham said. 

Even though cosmetology can be nerve-racking, Tatham is also aware of how rewarding it can be. 

“The best feeling is when you complete someone’s hair and they absolutely love it,” Tatham said. “It makes you feel so accomplished and confident in yourself.”

Tatham could possibly earn her license and many certificates for completing the entire program, which is very exciting for her and whatever she decides her next steps are. 

“I would 10/10 recommend Tech for anyone certain or uncertain of what they want to do after high school,” Tatham said. “It helped me gain a better understanding of cosmetology as a whole, and made me more confident without spending thousands of dollars at a time, as well as teaching me leadership skills and how to communicate with patients.”