Entering the Market

OHS senior shares her plans for future in real estate


Photo Submitted By Gabrielle Stith

Gabrielle Stith (12) prepares to take the Real Estate License Pre-Exam. “I’m looking at where I’m going to do my license at, if it’s going to be Missouri or a different state…” Stith said. She added that she plans on starting her license in Missouri, then moving to California to continue her career.

Gabrielle Stith (12) has big plans for her future and is very interested in pursuing a career as a real estate agent.

“[I have wanted to do real estate] for like two years,” Stith said. “I’m looking at where I’m going to do my license at, if it’s going to be Missouri or a different state and researching and taking classes that kind of help.”

Stith has had this career in mind for a decent amount of time and is taking the steps to prepare for it. She added that as of right now, she’s planning on getting her license in Missouri for a year and then going to California to do it there. Stith has a backup plan, however.

“[Another career I have in mind is] in the marketing or business side. There’s so much you can do with it, so I could make any career out of that,” Stith said.

Stith is fully focused on her current path, but she has also thought about another possible career where she could use her marketing skills and experience. She doesn’t acquire those skills magically, though.

“I take marketing classes, so I know marketing research for it, and I have other people that I know that are real estate agents that talk to me about their stuff,” Stith said.

Stith has connections to help her with figuring out what she needs to do and when. She also is building up her experience and skill set with marketing and business related classes for real estate or any other possible career, and she feels pretty prepared. However, a career in real estate doesn’t come without its challenges. 

“[I’m] putting my 100 percent undivided attention to it,” Stith said.

Stith shares that you need to pay very close attention to the market as a real estate agent and it can be challenging to keep up with if you’re too distracted. She added that you also have to go to real estate school for about four to six months to get your license. Stith also has personal reasons for her future career.

Stith said, “I think giving people something that they want very much warms my heart.”