Leaders In The Making

New Leadership sponsor shines light on group


Photo By Hailey Veninga

On Nov. 21, 2022, Isaac Freitag helps direct StuCo members at the Food Drive. “… [I like] where there are a lot of students leading it and facilitating it, as opposed to structure and lecture,” Freitag said. Freitag wants to continue being the co-sponsor with Laura Bishop in Leadership.

Many students see Leadership members in the hallways making or hanging posters for school events, conducting freshmen lessons and celebrating all the appreciation weeks that impact our school. However, what many students don’t know is what goes on behind the scenes with Leadership. Leadership sponsor Isaac Freitag gives a look inside the group. 

“Leadership is a class that helps students learn how to take autonomy and facilitate their own lesson by helping the community, school, environment and culture,” Freitag said. 

Leadership plans and helps with different events around the school, such as Spirit Week. For many members, this is the first year that they have been involved in Leadership, which is also the case for Freitag, who co-sponsors the class with teacher Laura Bishop. 

“I wanted to help the culture and environment, and I really like those kinds of activities and that kind of classroom atmosphere,” Freitag said, “where there are a lot of students leading it and facilitating it, as opposed to structure and lecture.”

Teaching Leadership has helped Freitag have a better understanding of a student’s perspective in leading. 

“It helped me get a better empathic perspective of students: how much they do and how much is going on in their lives,” Freitag said. “It helped me kinda see through their lenses better.” 

With teaching and sponsoring Student Council and Leadership, Freitag struggles to find balance.

“Trying to combine those two has been probably one of the bigger challenges, or how to make it work together,” Freitag said. 

While Freitag tries to figure out how to teach and sponsor Student Council and Leadership, he reflects on how teaching Leadership has opened his eyes in his personal life. 

“It helped me to reflect on my leading styles and teaching styles,” Freitag said, “so it kind of led into my personal life and how I approach it.”