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Behind the scenes of Mr.OHS

On Friday, Jan. 19, 13 OHS seniors participated in the annual Mr. OHS competition, an event hosted by DECA and FCCLA to raise money for their club-sponsored trips and a charitable foundation.

“There’s always a little bit of nerve going into any performance, but it’s really just a fun event,” Mr. Band Brendan Horn said. “We’re out there to have fun, just to kind of show people it’s a fun talent show with a bunch of guys.”

Horn poses for a photo just moments before entering stage left to perform “Hot Sauce.”

Horn felt a bit of pressure to perform well, as he has performed well in other competitions for band. Other participants, however, cured their anxiety with the security of solidarity.

“I also know that I’ve got three other buddies near me, so even if I mess up, it won’t be too bad,” Mr. Golf Bryce Kesselring said.

Mr. Stuco Mason Bader felt similarly.

“I initially was doing it on my own with one other person, so it was going to be a group of two. I was nervous for that, but now that I’m in a group of four people, if I look stupid, we all look stupid, so it’s okay,” Bader said.

A sense of fraternity was felt by multiple participants through several different aspects of Mr. OHS.

“I would say we (the other Mr. OHS participants and I) have gotten closer. I’ve gotten to meet some new people that I haven’t necessarily gotten to talk to in the past, which was really cool,” Horn said.

All in all, the boys found the experience enjoyable.

“Everybody’s not taking it the most seriously,” Kesselring said. “We’re just out there to kind of have a little bit of fun.”

Although they were ready to enjoy themselves, they still had to put together an entertaining talent show.

“I’m performing a solo that I did last year, so I had the summer to kind of forget a little bit of it, but it wasn’t too bad,” Horn said. “I relearned it pretty quickly. So I’ve been practicing that for the past couple weeks just to kind of keep it up to the standard I had last year.” 

Bader, Kesselring, Bess and Nelsen perform their synchronized swimming act.

Other participants, like Kesselring and Bader, performed an act with others, so cooperation and collaboration were key.

“We’re just coming up with ways that make it fun, like our routine’s about swimming, and so we’re kind of making a ‘what a synchronized diver would do’ or ‘what a swimmer would do,’ getting all the materials for it and making sure we’re all ready for our role,” Kesselring said.

Kesselring, Bader, Mr. Journalism Sawyer Bess (12) and Mr. YAG Kristian Nelson (12) felt they have been seriously dedicated to their bit.

“I’ve spent the past three nights at Sawyer Bess’ house practicing this wonderful routine that he came up [with], just practicing over and over again,” Bader said.

Horn was crowned Mr. OHS overall.

Although Mr. OHS is technically a competition — which (spoiler) Horn won — all participants had their common goal in mind while prepping for the show.

 “All the guys were trying to work better together to try to make each other’s performances as best as they can be,” Horn said. “‘cause we really just want to have a great night for everybody to enjoy.”

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