How to get a prom date in 10 ways

When seniors come back from their Spring Break all that is left is Prom, Graduation and All-night Grad. No wonder Prom is the hot topic buzzing through the Senior hallways. The bigger question for most people is, how are you going to ask your date? Typically guys ask the girls. Tradition is that whoever asks their “wannabe” date usually asks them in a romantic way. Now the majority of guys are not romantic and have no idea how to ask their girls. Here are my top 10 ways to wow your girl into the best night of your lives.

1. Play music out her window and have a sign saying “prom?”. Definitely have roses, or some kind of flower. (Make sure her parents know your coming so they do not think your trying to stalk their daughter).

2. Rose petals leading up to her room. Have a bunch of flowers. Stand their and directly ask her. (Again make sure the parents know, and also this is for people who can ask people in person. And are already good friends with their potential date).

3. The classic over the intercom at school. Or if the school does not allow that , then in the cafeteria make an announcement and ask her in front of everyone. (Girls like feeling appreciated).

4. If your a romantic type of boy, then write your significant other a poem of why you want to go to prom with her. (I promise she will not stop smiling).

5. If you can figure out your lady friend’s locker combination you could  anonymously put a rose in her locker with a note. (Mystery asking is a cute way to ask cause she will be wondering for the whole day who asked. Eventually let her know you asked her).

6. If your the type of guy who likes to do the biggest and best thing. Do something that the girl would never think of. Like having a cop pull you over and have prom on the ticket. (Tommy Bohnert (12) asked his date that way).

7. If you are a sports type of guy. Take your lady friend to the cardinals or blues game. Then text the big screen and say “So and So will you go to prom with me?” (It will be a memorable experience for both of you).

8. Take your girl on a date. Not Mcdonalds. An actual restaurant. On the napkin write prom? (That is a simple way to ask your lady friend. Make sure you pay obviously).

9. Get a cupcake. On the paper cup write prom. Let your lady friend eat the cupcake and when she is done it will say “Prom?” (A silly light hearted way to ask your date).

10. This last one is really for the creative guys out there. Come up with a scavenger hunt around your town. Take her to places that are special to you too. At the end of the hunt take her to a place where you will be waiting with a sign that says prom. (Very nice way to ask a lady).

That is it boys. Here are your 10 ideas to get you started on prom. Good luck!