Veterans deserve more


This mornings Veteran’s Day commemoration was very important to me. Seeing as though both of my parents have served in the armed forces, I feel as though Veteran’s Day does not receive enough attention. Principals Jan Kellerman and Janet Anthony share my view.

My mother was an Army solider for two active years and four years in the reserves. My father was a Marine for 4 years actively, and both were stationed outside of the United States. Expectedly, Veteran’s Day is an event in my home. I do not, however, understand why this day is not celebrated more widespread.

Principal Kellerman’s father, and husband are both Veterans, and her son hopes to be. Principal Anthony’s father and husband are also veterans. They decided this year, that the announcements would be more meaningful.

“I don’t think that people realize what [soldiers] actually sacrifice” Kellerman said.

Kellerman and Anthony decided to make this year more important to the students of OHS with family in the service as of right now. I feel as though this morning’s announcements were the best I’ve ever heard on any given Veteran’s Day, and I congratulate the students in chior who sang and the students who performed “Taps” over the announcements.

Those citizens who protest to end war do not realize that they have the right to protest because of those fighting for their rights. I do not commend war,or say it is right, but without the men and women fighting for our rights, they would probably not be able to protest.

Freedom of speech is a right, one that men and women fight and die for. And I would like to see more patriotism in our school.